1-800-828-SAFE (7233)

Safety is a phone call away

From the first hotline call until they gain a sense of normalcy, the Family Crisis Center of East Texas is there every step of the way. If you are seeking helping or questioning the

Lufkin at 936-639-3550 (phone) or 936-633-6280 (fax)

Lufkin thrift store at 936-634-2324 (phone) or 936-634-2328 (fax)

Nacogdoches at 936-569-1018 (phone) or 936-569-8877 (fax)

Nacogdoches thrift store at 936-569-1494 (phone) or 936-569-0108 (fax)

Nacogdoches at 936-468-SAFE (7233) (phone) or 936-468-7233 (fax)

San Augustine at 936-427-5140 (phone) or 936-427-5141 (fax)

Crockett at 936-544-2151 (phone) or 936-546-0048 (fax)

You may also contact our headquarters in Lufkin at 936-639-1681.

Hotline Number

1-800-828-SAFE (7233)

Send Confidential Text:

(936) 552-9256

Primary Mailing Address

P.O. Box 510, Lufkin, TX 75902